3 Benefits of Riding Kick Scooters as an Adult

3 Benefits of Riding Kick Scooters as an Adult

Jun 25 , 2021

William Konaxis

Kick scooters have been a favorite childhood alternative to biking for decades. We all remember hopping on our Razor scooter as a kid and kicking as fast as we could to the end of the driveway. For a few seconds there we felt like we could outrace a car. But why did the fun have to stop when we were kids? The answer is it doesn’t. At the Wheelie Barn, we're all about fun for all ages. Here are 3 benefits of riding kick scooters as an adult.



Burns Calories 

As kids, we were constantly exercising, but now when we need the exercise most we don't get enough. Riding kick scooters are a great way to burn calories in a fun way. Recent studies have shown that riding a kick scooter burns an average of 350 calories an hour! Sounds shocking? Riding a kick scooter works the muscles in your legs through the act of balancing and pushing off the ground to propel yourself. Additionally, your arms and core are engaged which helps to tone those areas too. So scootering oftentimes burns far more calories without exuding too much strain.



Better State of Mind

Finding small windows of time every day to stay active can help make you feel happier overall. This is because overall exercise produces endorphins that activate a happy feeling in the body that results in a more positive mindset. Riding kick scooters can also help with depression and anxiety. Additionally, it's pretty hard to be unhappy when you are riding a scooter, this activity combined with the endorphins is a great way to improve your overall state of mind.


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Reduces Risk of Illness 

The older we get the more we become at risk for chronic illness. Chronic illness can take on many forms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and numerous more. Making illness prevention a priority should be on your radar and scootering is a simple way to minimize that risk. By incorporating kick scooters in your everyday life, you are helping to prevent terrible illness one day at a time. 


Wheelie Barn Kick Scooters

At Wheelie Barn we have kick scooters for adults because we believe no one is too young to ride a scooter. Whether you are riding for fun or as a way to stay healthy, our inventory at the Wheelie Barn has what you need. 

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