Considering Kids Skateboards? Read This First.

Considering Kids Skateboards? Read This First.

Aug 25 , 2022

William Konaxis

If you’re a parent searching through the endless amounts of kids skateboards for the first time, the process can be overwhelming. Looking between different brands, lengths, and safety features alone can make your head spin - nevermind the endless options. 

Regardless, kids skateboards are meant to be fun. So, as overwhelming and as scary as buying a skateboard for the first time may seem, the team at Wheelie Barn is here to help! In this article, we’re presenting you with a few considerations when making the purchase.

What skill level is your child?

One of the first things you need to consider when purchasing a skateboard for your child is their skill level. Are they just starting out? Does the child have previous experience? If they do, how much? Once you determine these things, you can move on to narrowing down the type of skateboard you should consider.

For example, if your child has never skateboarded before but wants to give it a go, a traditional skateboard with all the safety gear available is the best option. However, if your child has a bit of experience and mastered the basic skills, you could start looking for newer models that offer some of the latest advances - like an electric skateboard. 

Understanding the different sizes.

Once you’ve figured out what type of board you’re searching for, knowing what size you’ll need will be next. In general, the proper deck size is based on shoe size. The smaller the foot, the smaller the deck. This selection becomes important in that a deck size that is too large could be hard for your child to learn on.

Materials, Deck Width & Shape

As if you haven’t had enough choices already - this part gets even more depth! If you’re starting out, keep things simple. A traditional deck will be made from laminated maple that provides durability. Further, you want to find a deck that is a bit narrower than the length of the board. Of course, if your child is experienced, things change. If this is the case, you may even want to look at electric skateboards that bring the game to the next level.


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Still searching for kids skateboards?

When it comes to finding kids skateboards that you can feel good about, Wheelie Barn has the answer! With the largest online inventory of electric skateboards, RipStiks, Hoverboards and more, you can be confident that your child will bring smiles! And, of course, we have the safety gear to go with!

Questions? Feel free to give our team a call at 800-858-5739. We look forward to helping you make a purchase that you can not only be excited about, but feel confident in! Remember to follow us on Facebook as well to stay in the know on all of the latest happenings and products!