Do Your Kids’ Helmets Fit Right?

Do Your Kids’ Helmets Fit Right?

Mar 25 , 2022

William Konaxis

Whether it’s bikes, scooters, or skateboards, kids love anything with wheels. You want your kids to have fun, but you want them to be safe first. At Wheelie Barn, we have everything you need to keep your kids safe while they are enjoying their time on their bikes, scooters, and skateboards—and they’ll look cool while they’re at it! Once you pick out helmets for your kids, you want to make sure they fit right and are adjusted correctly. Here’s a quick guide for buying helmets that are the correct size for your kids and fitting them on their heads.


Step 1: Measure their heads

Kids helmets come in multiple sizes, and as your kids grow, they will need bigger helmets. To ensure that you buy the right size, measure the circumference of your child’s head just above the eyebrows. Our experts at Wheelie Barn know what size helmet your child needs, our you can consult this handy chart if you’re buying online.

Step 2: Check the fit

Once you’ve confirmed that a helmet is the right size, check that it sits right in your child’s head. The helmet should sit about two finger-widths above their eyebrows. The helmet should extend past your child’s nose; an easy test is to have them stand with the front of the helmet touching the wall. If their nose is clear, it’s sitting on their head correctly.

The helmet should also be snug on your child’s head. Kids helmets come with pads or dial-adjustments on the back (or both). Position the pads or the dial so that the helmet stays put when your child shakes their head around with the straps unbuckled.

Step 3: Adjust the straps

Kids’ helmets need the straps adjusted in two places: the sides and the chin. The side straps on kids’ helmets have sliders that you can adjust to change the size of the V-shape. The sliders should be adjusted so that the point of the V is just below your child’s ear. When the side straps are adjusted correctly, the helmet will sit evenly on your child’s head. Some never helmets don’t have adjustable side straps and they are just sewn together.

The chin strap needs should be snug but not too tight. It needs to be loose enough for your child to buckle it but snug enough that it doesn’t move around. You should be able to fit just one finger under the strap when it’s buckled.

Bonus step: keep checking!

Kids are constantly fiddling with their helmets, so you’ll want to check periodically that their helmets are still adjusted correctly. Kids grow like crazy, too, so keep an eye out for when your child needs a helmet in a bigger size.


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