Get Your Children to Exercise with a Razor Scooters

Get Your Children to Exercise with a Razor Scooters

Sep 25 , 2021

William Konaxis

Summer is likely a time of the year where your children get a lot of exercise. But when the school year starts, they become largely desk bound. Therefore, finding ways to encourage your child to exercise can become difficult. Here at Wheelie Barn, we have a solution. Razor scooters can be a wonderful way to encourage your kids to get that much needed extra exercise. We sell Razor scooters of all different types, sizes and colors. Not only that but some of our scooters come with extra features such as light up wheels, spark brakes, and funky patterns. Here are a few reasons your kids will love our scooters!

Color Options to Match Their Preference  

When it comes to kids, one of the best ways to get them to be passionate is to find it in their favorite color. It is actually scientifically proven that children are more drawn to activities or objects that are their favorite color. This is because that color has a positive association. Using this to your advantage can be a great way to encourage your child to scooter more. So whether they have never tried the activity before or just aren’t excited to do so, perhaps buying a scooter in their favorite color can make a difference. 

Extra Features

In addition to color, we have scooters that have fun features for the kids that need a little extra coaxing. For the girly girls out there we have the Razor A Kick Scooter in the color Sweetpea. This Razor scooter, in addition to its eye-catching pop of pink, has multi-colored sparkly streamers that hang from the handlebars. Another popular feature that we have on numerous scooters in our inventory are light up wheels. Our Razor A5 Lux Light Up scooters have such wheels that light up when the wheels are spinning. If you are looking for a more flashy feature our Razor Spark Ultra Scooter is perfect. The brakes on this scooter, when it comes in contact with the pavement, creates sparks which gives it a wow factor. We have found that children love these features 

Razor Scooters for all Ages 


No matter how old your child is, we have a scooter that is right for their age and abilities. For your younger kiddos, we have The Razor Lil’ Kick Scooter. This scooter has three wheels for increased stability, aiding in balance. We also have scooters with larger wheels for older children who want to be able to go faster and reach faster top speeds.

Wheelie Barn Kick Scooters

It may not be as difficult as you think to get your kids to want to exercise. Bring your children into Wheelie Barn today to find quality scooters that your kids are sure to love. With an extensive inventory, your child will be able to find the Razor scooter that is right for them. Wheelie Barn has what you need to keep your child excited about exercise!

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