Kids Pocket Bikes: Your Questions Answered.

Kids Pocket Bikes: Your Questions Answered.

Mar 25 , 2021

William Konaxis


Kids pocket bikes, aka the Dirt Rocket – what is it? What do you need to know? Are they safe for your child? At Wheelie Barn, we’re riding enthusiasts – from push scooters to electric, we have your wants, needs, and questions answered. In this article, we’re dedicating the time to answer the most common questions and concerns around pocket bikes for kids.


What are kids pocket bikes?

Chances are you’ve already seen kids pocket bikes but never knew the formal name. Smaller than a dirt bike, operating like a motorcycle, these mini electric rides are pure excitement! It’s important to note that most models operate at low speeds, are light in weight, and designed for ages 12 to 16.


How fast do they go?

Resembling a mini motorcycle, one of the first questions that pops into most minds is, how fast do these things go? Valid question as safety always comes first! Depending on the model, maximum speeds can vary but generally top off between 30 and 40 mph.


Are pocket bikes street legal?

In most states, pocket bikes are illegal to drive on roadways. That said, you can check in with your local town or city hall or the DMV for specific legislature. In any instance, pocket bikes are designed for younger age groups that aren’t legally allowed to be driving on main roads.


What safety equipment is recommended?

As always, helmets are a top priority when riding a pocket bike. However, some also choose to wear knee and elbow pads – just in case!


Are kids pocket bikes electric or gas powered?

Both! Depending on which brand and model you purchase, both options are available. For instance, the Razor Dirt Rocket MX500 is powered by a 500-watt, chain-driven motor and rechargeable 36V seal battery system. However, something like the MotoTec 33cc has a 1.25-liter gas tank. With a pull start operation, this model requires a higher skill set and level of care.


Where can I purchase a pocket bike?

If you’re looking for the largest selection of pocket bikes for kids, look no further than Wheelie Barn! Unlike big name stores, our team is here to help answer your questions to ensure your purchase meets your needs and requirements. Investing in a pocket bike is a big deal, so having confidence in your decision is a must!


For more information on kids pocket bikes, stop into Wheelie Barn today or give us a call at (800) 858-5739.