Razor Scooters For the Win This Summer

Razor Scooters For the Win This Summer

Jul 21 , 2021

William Konaxis

Here in New England, we look forward to the summer season. However, it also tends to be one of the fastest to come and go. Between work and rainy weekends, finding the time to head outdoors for exercise can be a challenge. However, scooting around on Razor scooters this summer is an excellent way to get some fresh air while burning a few calories and having fun!

Here, we’re providing you with a list of a few of Wheelie Barn’s favorite spots to consider heading by scooter before jumping in the car. Of course, this all depends on the town or city you reside.


The library.

Adult or child, a trip to the library over the summer is one of our favorite adventures. With endless possibilities and events for those young and old, the library is the perfect location to get lost in a new adventure that is limited only by the imagination.


Your local playground.

No matter where you live, chances are, there is a playground nearby. From climbing structures to ample blacktop space, your local playground is an excellent location for exerting all of that cooped up energy gathered on rainy days. Drinking fountains and ice cream trucks are just added bonuses!


razor scooters

Speaking of ice cream.

Since we’re on the topic, what’s better than a trip to the ice cream shop! Not much! Depending on where you live, Razor scooters are the perfect means of transportation. Not only will you forget about the effort to get there as you daydream of the many flavors ahead, but you can forget about the guilt as you scoot your way back home!


Keeping it close.

Sometimes, the best destination is home. With a quick trip around the block you can get that much needed fresh air while moving your body. Around the neighborhood, to a friend’s house, or up and down your street, keeping it close is sometimes all you need! Besides, with all the rain we’ve seen this year, staying close to home ensures minimal wetness when unpredictability is concerned!



This summer, before heading to the car, consider Razor scooters as your means of transportation. From kick scooters to dune buggies, electric scooters to ripstiks, the possibilities this summer are truly only limited by your imagination! Visit Wheelie Barn today for the largest selection of in-house Razor scooters in the nation!