The Inception of A Scooter Company

The Inception of A Scooter Company

Aug 25 , 2021

William Konaxis

As the number one scooter company, Wheelie Barn takes great pride in offering some of the largest selections of scooters online. From electric to kick scooters, the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. However, with such a title, a company must come with an immense appreciation for the roots of the business. The roots of the scooter.

Whoever thought of such a thing? We did, scooting enthusiasts did, and now, you are! So, that said, here are a few facts all about the inception of some of the greatest, most innovative, and undeniably fun products on the market: the scooter.


The first scooter.

Depending on the source, the first scooter is accredited to many different sources. However many differences there are, most stories place the first scooter in the early 19th century. Below are just a few of the many “firsts” floating around:


  • 1817 produces the earliest sketches of a two-wheeled human ride by Baron von Drais de Sauerbrun of Germany.
  • The first kick scooter was crafted from a wood plank and skate wheels. Primitive yet effective.
  • Electric Scooter: In 1913, the Autoped, was developed and later patented by inventor Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson. Although, Joseph F. Merkel is said to have played a significant role in the design.


The Autoped

The Autoped. The first mass-produced motorized scooter in the United States. Thus, it’s safe to say, without this invention, the electric scooter as we know it today would probably never have been. The gas-powered, two-wheeled, handle folding scooter got an impressive 125 miles to the gallon and generated speeds up to 35mph.

And the best part, this brand new invention sold for a mere $100. Which, of course, was valued much differently than one hundred dollars in today’s society.

While the invention earned itself much attention, the time it was brought about even furthered the excitement. During the Progressive era, the Autoped became a symbol of women’s empowerment. Amelia Earhart is possibly one of the most famous women of the times, taking many pictures cruising about on her Autoped.


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Once the Autoped took off, the Great Depression hit and production was revamped. It was during this time that many people were left with their imagination and supplies on hand. Thus, the world emerged with even more inventors, ideas, and a surge of popularity that created the inception of some of the best scooter companies in the world. Wheelie Barn being no exception.


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