Welcome to the Wheelie Barn Blog!

Welcome to the Wheelie Barn Blog!

Nov 29 , 2020

William Konaxis

Here at Wheelie Barn, we’re excited to announce the addition of our blog page. If you’re like many people, you may be wondering what in the world a blog is. Well, that’s precisely why this page is here, to answer your questions while providing you with an inside look at our industry.

Our blog will be filled with industry-related articles that are of benefit to you, our customers. From understanding the proper helmet fit to tips on selecting the best scooter for your riding style, we will deliver a vast array of content to help you understand and make the best purchase possible.

Whether riding a scooter or a bike, it’s imperative to understand even the littlest aspects. Often, people choose solely by looks and end up with a product that doesn’t live up to their expectations. With the right knowledge, you’ll not only be riding in style but also with the performance levels you desire! Beyond riding, proper care and maintenance, as well as safety, are crucial aspects as well. In our blog, we’ll provide you with all of that knowledge and more!

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Thank you for visiting Wheelie Barn. We look forward to getting your little one on the best wheels around!

~ The Wheelie Barn Team