Why Skateboards Are Great for Kids

Why Skateboards Are Great for Kids

Jan 25 , 2023

William Konaxis

At Wheelie Barn, we know it can be hard to convince kids to get outside. Especially when there are so many things to keep them entertained inside. But we have an idea that will keep your kids outside for hours: skateboarding. Getting skateboards for your kids probably won’t turn them into the next Tony Hawk, but it will get them outside and moving around!

There are many benefits kids get from riding skateboards. Here are just a few.

Get Moving

Riding a skateboard isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to keep your kids active. If you’ve never tried it, you might not realize that it’s a lot more physically challenging than it looks. Skateboarding promotes physical fitness by building strength and endurance in the legs, core, and arms. It also improves balance and coordination, which can help with other sports and activities.

Hone Skills

Skateboarding also encourages creativity and problem-solving as kids learn to navigate different terrain and obstacles. Those skills, in turn, help them learn to improve focus and concentration. As kids learn to ignore distractions and focus on what they are doing, whether it is riding a specific trick or navigating a challenging obstacle, they can develop the ability to stay focused and on task in other areas of their life. It can also be a fun and low-stress way for kids to socialize and make friends, as they can ride and practice with other kids at the skatepark or in their neighborhood.

Learn Responsibility

Skateboards also help kids learn about personal responsibility and safety. Kids learn the importance of wearing protective gear (sometimes the hard way), such as helmets and pads, and the importance of being aware of their surroundings when riding. Additionally, it can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, as kids learn new skills and master tricks. They’ll take that confidence and feel empowered to try new things.


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Get Your Kids Skateboards from Wheelie Barn!

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids outside and moving, get them skateboards from Wheelie Barn! You’ll find options for kids of all ages, plus all the pads, helmets, and safety gear they need.

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